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We now offer a full spectrum of gas insulation removal vacuums for any and every budget and application with our 6.5 hp, 11hp, 16hp, and 23hp models. Backed by the most solid warranty in the industry our compact, yet rugged vacuums lead the industry in quality, craftsmanship, and have the most impressive cost vs production on the market and are loaded with patent pending features that make our gas powered insulation removal vacuum line a solid choice.

Our removal vacuums help the insulation contractor to reduce costly labor while increasing your overall job profitability. The CV vacuum models can handle and properly remove all smoke, water, fire, animal and critter damaged insulation from the attic, easily and with little effort.  Any sprayed insulation that is needed for recycle can also easily be routed out to your insulation spray machine and equipment for re-mixing use. All fiber insulation materials can be easily discharged into disposable collection bags, or can discharge directly into any job site dumpster.

The Cool Vacuums CV line are fully wear and abrasion resistant, with a fan that is fine tuned and balanced with each blade being a separate unit that can be easily removed and replaced individually if a foreign object happens to get vacuumed up creating internal blade damage.   These are the only vacuums designed to reduce your yearly equipment operating costs. Our vacuums blades have a unique design which eliminates the regular timely service and cleaning of the vacuums main air induction chamber housing. Backed with a solid warranty and powder coated, heavy gauge steel finish, the CV model vacuums offer the best in class and lead the industry in cost vs production. Please email us or call anytime for more information or a discounted quote.

insulation removal vacuums

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